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The Khmer School of Language

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

A language lesson at KSL For all your Khmer language needs...

  • Visiting or working in Cambodia?
  • Need to communicate with your staff?
  • Want to get to know and understand Cambodian people?
  • Embarrassed about studying a new language in a classroom setting?
  • Want to impress your friends when you get home?

Whether you plan to stay in Cambodia for a week, for a year, or forever, we can help you. From a morning's crash course and survival guide to regular study over a period of several months, we can provide a Khmer language tuition scheme tailor-made for your requirements at a time and place to suit you.

Our experienced, friendly and patient teachers will adapt to your chosen pace and style of learning, helping you to speak and understand Khmer and, if you wish, to read and write as well. Our staff, all Cambodians, are well attuned to the needs of expatriates, and at the same time as teaching you the Khmer language they will also give you insights into their country's customs and culture.

Our native Cambodian teachers speak English, French, Thai, Korean and Vietnamese.

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Send us an email message +855 (0)23 213047
+855 (0)12 804718
Addheka SengBou ( Ms.)
Executive Director

Khmer School of Language
PO Box 1670
Phnom Penh

52G Street 454
Tuol Tumpoung 2
Chamcar Morn
Phnom Penh

Our representative in the United Kingdom

Myers Cooper

How to Find Us

From the south-western corner of Tuol Tumpoung ("Russian") Market, go south one block on Street 163.

Turn right into Street 454 and go to the far end of the street. KSL is in the last block of houses on the left.

Map showing location of KSL
Map showing location of KSL

View the location of the Khmer School of Language at Google Maps.

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